Byron Metcalfe Real Estate


Investing in real estate helped me find my own path to financial freedom — and now I'm eager to help you do the same.

I first dipped my toes into the waters of property investment while I was a student at McMaster University, renting rooms in my own house to friends. That experience helped me build the confidence I needed to buy my first rental property shortly after graduating. Today, my investment portfolio includes five properties and a women’s kickboxing studio in Burlington. I strive to help my clients use real estate — even if it’s your first and only property — to help achieve your financial goals.

As a Hamilton Realtor, I help motivated clients embrace the art of “house hacking” — living in half and renting out the other half — mirroring the practice that fostered my own love for real estate and created my own pathway to prosperity. My favourite investment property is the trusty Hamilton duplex. As I manage my own local investment properties, I am constantly tracking trends and property values in the Hamilton area and provide my clients with the same valuable insights and analysis.

I believe that buying and selling properties should always be an easy, enjoyable experience. Prefer to talk over text? I love that. More of a phone-call aficionado? Give me a call. Maybe you’d like to meet up over coffee? I'm buying!

A long-time resident of Hamilton’s central mountain, I love The Ambitious City’s independent restaurants and coffee shops and I appreciate being close to Toronto — but not too close. The investor in me also appreciates the affordability of Hamilton’s real-estate market, compared to other major Canadian cities.

When I'm not searching for my next investment property, I enjoy spending time with my fiancée, Kim, playing sports and reading.

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